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Modern brand of underwear for women

The Perilla brand identifies itself with feminine shapes and loves feminine style. Each proposed women's collection is prepared on the basis of the latest trends. There is no room for boredom, simplicity or repetition here. Each type of underwear is made of the finest materials, used for years to create what women love the most.

For years unchanged. The perfect couple: lace and a feminine body

Perilla selects sensual lace, fine tulle and a newly discovered belt system for its exclusive products, adding unimaginable class and form to any lingerie. A flawless tulle that fits perfectly to a woman's body or a classic lace? Women's underwear under the Perilla brand is sensuality and courage, which are features that women appreciate the most.

The collection of lace lingerie for women is the use of traditional material, considered by everyone to be the pinnacle of femininity in a modern version. Lace panties and bras in beige and red colors are the most frequently chosen sets by women for evening meetings, dinners or dates. The lace, thanks to its smooth touch, is also suitable for everyday use.

Sensuality and luxury

Elegant lingerie is another inspiration for Perilla designers. White and black prevail here, which has long been irreplaceable in this category. Elegance tempts with incredible precision of workmanship. Italian lace and a triangular element under the bust, let's add subtle briefs. Or maybe embroidered tulle?

Perilla also offers interesting beach options. It is a collection of elegant and swimwear that will surely appeal to the tastes of the most demanding customers.

Is there a better definition of elegant lingerie?

When creating every millimeter of underwear, we follow one premise: Clothes are for everyone's show, and the underwear hidden under them must be tempting, sexy, intimate and stimulate the senses. Therefore, the Perilla brand hides the most modern cuts using the best materials, for years considered as a number one for underwear design. Each of us should allow ourselves to have at least one item of captivating underwear in our wardrobe.

Perilla is underwear for women who know what they want in life!